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River of Lian
This documentary narrates the entrance of two important rivers of Mand and Heleh at Bushehr Province, southern Iran through an aerial photography.
Sheltered in Oaks
A depiction of Iranian squirrel sheltered in oaks, and this small gnawer challenges for life.
Amin Team
Police traces of Homayoun through discovering a drug container. At the same time, son of Humayoun arrives to Iran to attend the death anniversary of his wife, Maryam Novin.
Birds in the Land of Snow and Sun
The film shows two separate natures of warm and cold regions of the province and let us know the species of different kinds of native and immigrant birds live in, their habitats and how to be hunted by their enemies.
Children of Oak
Children of Oak” Animation narrates people’s daily life at one of Iran beautiful villages of Kurdistan, western part of the country from sunrise to sunset.
Jalal ad-Din
The lifestory of great Iranian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic, Maulana Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi in his three periods of youth, adulthood and old time.
Rice Cake
Track 143
The highly emotive story of a mother during Iran-Iraq war
The documentary of “Deylaman, Paradise of Ancestors”
Story of My Father's Bike & Me
A boy who wrestles with problems in order to gain a new bicycle
The Lonely Scarecrow
As winter approaches, he decides to provide a shelter for the birds who are not able to migrate for different reasons.
A House in Fog
The story of a woman who tolerates all hardships of living alone in the wild nature
Touring IRAN
Introducing of Iranian culture and history
The Black Tear
In this quest, that took 6 years and covered an area as vast as Switzerland, but the result was surprising…
By social genre and religious theme reproaches the hypocrisy
Sparrow's Spring
The teacher has encouraged students to submit an article. Nader called his friend’s paper to the teacher offers as his own and then ...
Three Fish
Elham went to the doctor because of strange headache and is confirmed by the neurosurger she has a tumor brain and she may be amnesia caused by surgery. Meanwhile...

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