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Life in Khoor Mousa
Each year, thousands of migration birds fly away toward southern Iran for the seasonal breeding.One of the most convenient places for breeding waterbirds is Khoor Mousa Island in the Persian Gulf, an estuary that offers a banquet for migrating birds to seasonal breeding.
Wing of Imagination
Reza, a teenager from Qom city, should carry the colored silks from painting work shop to the carpet wavers' house located in different parts of the city by his bicycle…
Legend of Goharan Land
There was a city called Goharan in many years ago. The name Goharan related to mysterious stones in that city. Monsters gain the power on the city by getting the stone.
Winter, the Last Season
The film depicts the live fish, selling, different kinds of hunts and hunting birds in north of Iran and efforts of a citizen for healing and saving birds and egging of fish.
Pale blue
37 years ago, war broke out somewhere....
Princess of Rome
The story of love and devotion and later marriage of a virtuous lady of christian faith who is a descendent of Jesus Christ's disciples to one of the great grandsons of the prophet of Islam.
This story is about a teenage boy, named Hassan, whose brother’s trying to sell their father’s home and grounded ship for the financial problems.
Puffer Fish
In this series, we met five friends traveling together, and fight with problems making by Giant fish and win their own problems.
S Like Red and Black
S like Red and Black (Sin Mesle Sorkh o Siyah) documentary is about Hajii Firuz. Hajji Firuz is a fictional and traditional character in Iranian folklore who appears in the streets by the beginning of Nowruz.
The story is about 13-year-old Damon, who is busy with illegal fishing with his father. But their fishing boat is stopped and seized by the Coast Guards of the Environmental monitoring department.
The adventures of this story are located at a forest calling Haalaa Baa Maa wherein the animals live happily, no violence, no war.
What Is Your Opinion?
.In every episode, the rand man faces some difficulties and asks the kind man to help her for a reward.
Amin Team
Police traces of Homayoun through discovering a drug container. At the same time, son of Humayoun arrives to Iran to attend the death anniversary of his wife, Maryam Novin.
Jalal ad-Din
The lifestory of great Iranian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic, Maulana Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi in his three periods of youth, adulthood and old time.
River of Lian
This documentary narrates the entrance of two important rivers of Mand and Heleh at Bushehr Province, southern Iran through an aerial photography.
Sheltered in Oaks
A depiction of Iranian squirrel sheltered in oaks, and this small gnawer challenges for life. In this documentary the way of life of Iranian squirrel has been studying.
The documentary of “Deylaman, Paradise of Ancestors”
A House in Fog
The story of a woman who tolerates all hardships of living alone in the wild nature
The Black Tear
In this quest, that took 6 years and covered an area as vast as Switzerland, but the result was surprising…
Birds in the Land of Snow and Sun
The film shows two separate natures of warm and cold regions of the province and let us know the species of different kinds of native and immigrant birds live in, their habitats and how to be hunted by their enemies.

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