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The Triky Fox & The Smart Rooster ( Khoroos-e Zirak, Roubah-e Kalak)

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In each episode, the fox tries to hunt the rooster by using a trick while the smart rooster gets rescued with the help of his friends. The story takes place in a musical and happy environment. This story is written on the basis of old Iranian narrations and Persian literature. The moral and training affairs are considered in every episode. The story narration is musical. In the graphic art and painting of this animation has been tried to apply an Iranian miniature in order to attract the children. The local music is also applied.

The Triky Fox & The Smart Rooster

Original Tilte: Khoroos-e Zirak, Roubah-e Kalak

Cast & Crew

 Directers: Mitra Abdi & Ali Samimi-zadeh

Writers: Ladan Khani-zadeh & Babak Kazemi

Production: IRIB- Saba Center


26X17 mins, cutout and 3D animation

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