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Niki & Nikan (Niki va Nikan)

Niki Nikan 5  

Children learn religious subjects in the daily life in a simple way and know about the samples of these subjects in the life of prophets through this series.
The grandfather narrates the life story of holy prophets for Niki & Nikan, in order to advise and apply them for solving of the problems occur in their lives. Niki is Nikan’s younger sister. She is a little naughty and sometimes makes some troubles for her little age. She has a cat, named “Khepel”. When Niki obeys the Khepel’s orders, the troubles are made! But Nikan who is older is more experienced and wise. There is also a bird named”Poopak” in this series , helps to grandpa in teaching of the different problems to kids.

Niki & Nikan

Original Title: Niki va Nikan

Cast & Crew

Director: Mohammad Reza Fakhraizadeh

Writer: Reza Taghadosi

Music: Mehrdad Nabaei

Production: IRIB- Saba Center

26×15 mins, 2D Computer Assisted

Additional Info

  • Genre: Children
  • Duration: 26×15 mins, 2D Computer Assisted
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