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Princess of Rome (Shahzadeye Room) Featured


Princess of rome   “PRINCESS OF ROME” is an animated feature based on the story of a Roman princess who dreams a sacred man from a distant land and falls in love with him. She dreams of divine love in an unknown land. And the power of this divinity finally leads her through events to a long journey for her dream to come true. She faces so many difficulties during this trip but finally finds the man of his dreams. They get married and she gives birth to a boy who is supposed to fulfill Almighty God's mission of bringing peace and justice to entire world. He is the ultimate savior for mankind.

Princess of Rome
Original Title: Shahzadeye Room

Director: Hadi Mohamadian

Editor: Hasan Ayobi
Sound: Hosein Mahdavi
Music: Aria AzimiNijad

Producer: Honar Pooya Groupr
Executive Producer: Hamed Jafari

Genre: Animation, History, Melodram
Lenght: 76 min, 2015, HD

Additional Info

  • Genre: Animation, Children, Drama, Epic/Historical
  • Duration: 76 min, 2015, HD
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