Series Library

Safe House

This collection tells the story of two security agents named Kamal (Hamidreza Pegah) and Afshin (Amin Zangdhani), one of whom is in charge of the anti-terrorist team, and the other is in charge of the anti-corruption and money laundering team. According to the news, Kamal is informed that ISIS terrorist teams will launch operations in Iran. Kamal and his team use the information from abroad to identify one of the ISIS forces so that they can identify his contact in Tehran through him. Gradually, during this story, two complex terrorist and economic cases are tied together. And in the last part of the first season, Afshin goes to Tel Aviv for a mission.
Director: Ahmad Moazzami
Writer: Hossein Torabnejad

.N. Khe

In the "N. Khe. 4" series, after the attack of the wolf pack on the village and the destruction of the villagers' cattle and sheep, the villagers' lives face a new challenge. The village elders try to bring things back to normal by hunting wolves, but each time they fail for some reason. They forcefully hire one of the top elder hunters. In the continuation of what caused the old differences between the two villages to flare up, the residents of the "Noordin" village struggle to get out of the economic and demographic stagnation and compensate for the backwardness from the elders, and it creates small and big adventures.
‌Producer: Mehdi Faraji
Director: Saied Aqakhani
Writer: Amir Vafaei

The Canvas and Lady

The story of this series is narrated in the first Pahlavi period and is a moment of the intersection of love, politics and religion. He is dragged and goes to the brink of destruction in the shadow of the malice and deception of the malevolent, but at the last moment, he rises from the ashes like a phoenix.
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Saeid Soltani

Kamal's Stories

This series is about a boy named Kamal whose memories are narrated in the 40's. This series is supposed to teach moral messages such as a sense of responsibility to children and adolescents.
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Ghodrat Allah Solh Mirzaei
Writer: Azadeh Mohseni, Karim Jhodsiani, Nasim Arab Amiri, Seyed Hossein Amir Jahani