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Five leopards

Among the social phenomena, hunting has always been the focus of environmentalists, sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, and non-governmental organizations and institutions. Instead of standing in the position of judgement, this film tries to examine the cause of this phenomenon and its effects with a well-known hunter who is satisfied to be in front of the camera after 7 years.
‌Producer: Saeed Nabi
Director: Saeed Nabi / Maryam khadivi

A House in Fog

Soraya has lived alone in a master's house in Mountain Foot for a long time. The house is the only reason she tolerates all the hardships of living alone in wild nature.
‌Producer: IRIB-Documentary Channel
Director: Mokhtar Namdar
Writer: Mokhtar Namdar

Alamto, A Reptile Wonderland

For the first time ever, this riveting documentary shows a wonderland in Ilam where rare reptiles live. The film shows these exotic species trying to survive on the planet.
‌Producer: IRIB-Illam Center
Director: Fathollah Amiri
Writer: Fathollah Amiri

The Black Tear

Cheetah, for its dark tear line stretched from its eyes to the rims of its mouth, is distinct from other cat-like animals. Asian cheetah is a different sub-species from African Cheetah, and since it is extinct in all the regions of the world except Iran, it is called Iranian Cheetah. Today, less than 100 of these meritorious species are left, and it is considered critically endangered and covered an area as vast as Switzer- land, but the result was surprising...
‌Producer: IRIB-Semnan Center
Director: Fathollah Amiri
Writer: Fathollah Amiri

Touring Iran

In this documentary, the history and cultures of various ethnic groups in Iran are presented. The documentary concentrates on the life of a city man who travels and lives with different Iranian ethnic groups trying to find peace in nature. The explorer travels to different provinces in Iran such as Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Gilan, Boushehr, Mazandaran and Yard and describes the nature in these places, their cultures, and the history.
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Javad Gharaei
Writer: Javad Gharaei

Pate, an Intangible Heritage

Pate is a type of hand-woven handicraft used as a cover and table cloth. It is recognized as one of Iran's intangible heritages.
‌Producer: Mohammad Mahdi Malek Ghasemi
Director: Azam Ramezanpour

IRIB Media Trade Presents "Nomadic Girl" at IIFF

IRIB Media Trade presents the documentary " Nomadic Girl," produced by IRIB’s Ilam Center, in the sixth edition of India’s Innovative International Film Festival.
‌Producer: IRIB’s Ilam Center
Director: Ruhollah Akbari


Between the palpable silences and the colours that morph into words lies the story of one of the last women who knows how to make "Gelij" (jewel-coloured woven mats). It is said that a fairy gifted this ancient skill to the village.
Director: Mehdi Imani Shahmiri

The Sea Nowruz

The Sea Nowruz is one of the beautiful and useful traditions practiced by the people of Qeshm Island, which is close to passing into oblivion. It has its roots in the ancient history of Persia. The tradition, which is actually a way of calculating the periods of time like days and months, is peculiar to Iranians, and even now, experienced old sailors are fully familiar with this nautical calendar.
‌Producer: Saeed Maandegaari
Director: Farshid Iranparast


This film depicts the oak forests of Zagros, including the cities of Yasouj, Noorabad, Dehdasht and the cities of Firozabad and Noorabad in Fars province, and the sad story of wood smuggling.
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Hojjat Taheri