Animations Library

The Chivalrous

Iran remained in chaos and injustice in the feudal era after the Mongol Empire. Meanwhile, Iranian Commander Jalaluddin formed a four-member group named The Chivalric to establish justice, hope, and happiness among the people. The series narrates the adventures they confront during their trip around the country.
‌Producer: Saba Animation Center
Director: Group of Directors
Writer: Group of Writers


This animated children's television series is about two little lambs named Babaei and Babaoo living with their flock. Each episode narrates an entertainment story about them with educational purposes.
‌Producer: IRIB- Saba Center
Director: Amin Hesaraki, Hossein Saffarzadegan
Writer: Morteza Ghafari

Khaal Khaali

The hunter makes fire with a pile of firewood in the forest. Khaal Khaali barks to alert him, but the hunter doesn't care; the dog tries to fire off. Finally, his tent is set on fire, and Khaal Khaali controls the fire with the help of the Elephant trunk, as a firefighter does.
‌Producer: IRIB - Saba Center
Director: Habibollah Pirjani
Writer: Niyousha Sadr

Puffer Fish

In this series, we met five friends traveling together and fighting with problems made by giant fish and winning their own problems. The series' location is a small village into the sea called Fish Hill. The story is based on the five main characters and the events in each episode. They maintain their friendships in any situation and come together to resolve their problems. Any of them may make some mistakes, but they can finally remove them.
‌Producer: IRIB - Saba Center
Director: Salma Afkari
Writer: Ramin Karami

The Lonely Scarecrow

As winter approaches, the lonely scarecrow decides to provide shelter for the birds who are not able to migrate per different reasons. But now, the cold season is nearing its close, and the scarecrow will be lonely again.
‌Producer: IRIB-Saba Center
Director: Alen Ghazarian
Writer: Seyed Ashraf Tabatabaei


“The Survivor” animation is about the fighting between Arabs and Israel in 1948. This derivate from a story written by Ghassan Kanafani, an Egyptian author, by the name of “Returning to Haifa”.
‌Producer: IRIB-Saba Center
Director: Ehsan Taheri
Writer: Ja’far Hasani, Alireza Farmani

The Prophets

An animated series, “The Prophets,” in 13 parts, 35 min, relies on the entertaining life stories of some Holly Prophets, such as Noah, Enoch, Abraham and etc... The series showing the adventures and difficulties that each Prophet faced to guide people in accordance with times will appeal to all children.
‌Producer: IRIB-Saba Center
Director: Vahid Homatash
Writer: Mohammadreza Abedi Shahroudi

Mina and Friends

“Mina and Friends” manifests the simple rural life in “Kandeloos” (a mountainous region in northern Iran), their concern toward public life, and also their friendship with nature and animals in the surreal world of the village children. Expressions of social and cultural issues also play an important role in the story context.
‌Producer: IRIB-Saba Center
Director: Mohammad Koochaki Siyah Khalesar
Writer: Mozhgan Koochaki Siyah Khalesar

Adventures of the Ruler and Hatem

The animation "Adventures of the Ruler and Hatem" starts from a place where in the olden days, there was a bully ruler who used to get people into trouble for his own fun. Whenever the ruler oppressed the city's people, they went to "Hatam" and asked him for help. "Hatam" saves the people from the oppression of this ruler with his intelligence and tact.
Director: Samad Gholaamzade

It's Like This

It tells the story of a little girl who compares her family's lifestyle in the past with that of the present. She talks about various events and tries to change her bad behaviors and everything wrong she used to do in the past. At the same time, she wants to express herself correctly in the present.
‌Producer: Pejman Alipour
Director: Pejman Alipour