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Damoon Forest

Fictional animals live in a forest. They fall into two groups according to their characters; they're either good creatures or evil beasts. In each episode, something different happens to them.
‌Producer: Haadi Amiri – Raha Faradji
Director: Haadi Amiri – Raha Faradji


The story begins when Karakan captured all of the planets except a planet called Sepidshahr. There is a champion named Radshir in Sepidshahr who is fighting back and doesn’t want to surrendered his planet to Karakan. A boy called Arman with a wristband has special powers and decides to escape from his city to gather a team in order to stand against Karakan and set all the plants free. But Karakan knows about this wristband and is trying to get his hand on it and destroy it thought his robotic army and spies all around the planets.
‌Producer: Mohammad Mahdi Mashkoori
Director: Mohammad Reza Hesaei - Hossein Saffarzadegan


Boxes is a musical animation that tries to teach Children the role of family and the duties of individuals through songs and stories. Kids listen to the stories their father tells, imagine themselves as heroes, and try to act like them in their own world.
‌Producer: Milad Haji Parvaneh
Director: Hossein Saffarzadegan