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If Ezzat Doesn't Come to Tea House (Agar Ezzat be Ghahvekhane Nayayad)

18d355396b49b59c855d68798ac3db7558ed74ac   Ezzat is the owner of a teahouse in Masouleh, a village in North of Iran. This Teahouse is the only place for the old men of the village to gather with eachother. Being in the teahouse, Ezzat brings hope to these old men hearts and make them sure and they have a place to spend time together.

If Ezzat Doesn't Come to Tea House

Original Title: Agar Ezzat be Ghahvekhane Nayayad

Cast & Crew

Writer & Director: Farshad Fadaeian

Editor: Farshad Fadaeian

Cameramen: Majid Ghorbanifar, Farshad Fadaeian

Executive Producer: Javad Zahiri

Production: IRIB- Documentary Channel


Video, 2014, 40 mins, Black & White

Additional Info

  • Duration: Video, 2014, 40 mins, Black & White
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