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It’s me Darius (Manam Dariush)


Through an archeological digging by a Frenchman archeologist named Moonik Veron, the Egyptian statue of Darius; the third king of the Persian Achaemenid Empire also called Darius the Great had discovered in Shoosh in 1972 and transferred to Iranian National Museum.
Shoosh is one of the oldest cities in the Middle east.  Civilization in this area dates back to at least 3000 B.C and the capital of Shush County, Khuzestan Provinceand is located beside ancient Susa.

It’s me Darius
The Title: Manam Dariush

Cast & Crew

Director: Vahid Bagherzadeh, & Mahmood Shoolizadeh
Screenwriter: Orod Attarpour
Director of photography: Abbas Saheb
Editor: Vahid Bagherzadeh
Music: Vahid Bagherzadeh
Sound: Vahid Bagherzadeh
Producer: Orod Attarpour
Production: IRIB-Channel 4

Video, 34mins, 2006, Color

Additional Info

  • Genre: Epic/Historical, Ducumentary
  • Duration: Video, 34mins, 2006, Color
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