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Stam-mer (Loknat)

  The movie "Stammer" is about a teen-age boy named Rasool who tries to ease the stammering problem of his sister Sarah. To deal with the problem, their teacher advises Sarah to continually read story books. However, there is no good story book available for children in the far-away village where they live. This is, indeed, the beginning of challenges that the boy has to face.    

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  • Genre Children
  • Duration 78 min, 2018, HD

Wing of Imagination (Khial-e Naghsh)

  Reza, a teenager from Qom city, should carry the colored silks from painting work shop to the people’s house who wave a carpet in different parts of the city by his bicycle… the painting workshop is supposed to be closed… the closure of work shop means leaving Reza without work and also the carpet wavers loss their jobs supplying their lives… the carpet wavers are involving their problems and Reza ...

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  • Genre Children, Drama

Mr. Habib (Agha Habib)

   “Mr. Habib” story narrates a  respectful and emotional  communication between Habib and  his son; Reza Golkar.Reza is unemployed for a while and  is on the verge of separation with his  wife. However he treats his dad with  respect. But a sudden happening  turns their good relationship into a  crisis and Reza is who catches the  stern test.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration 84 mins, 2016, HD

Helmsman (Kashtiban)

This story is about a teenage boy, named Hassan, whose brother’s trying to sell their father’s home and grounded ship for the financial problems. Hassan is dissatisfied for selling the ship. He tries to prevent of the ship selling. Hassan is waiting for the father’s return. He is going to rebuild the grounded ship for the father’s birthday.

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  • Genre Children
  • Duration 85 min, 2016, HD

Beluga (Beluga)

The story is about 13-year-old Damon, who is busy with illegal fishing with his father. But their fishing boat is stopped and seized by the Coast Guards of the Environmental monitoring department. A little while later, the father is arrested by the guards while fishing illegal with his friend who is drowned at sea. Damon goes to fishing with the fishnet of his father’s friend and one day he catches a big fish calling Beluga in the sturgeon family, which is extremely rare and producer of top quality caviar. He keeps fish underwater after while searching for information about her caught fish, he realizes the fish environmental value.  Damon Doubts either to deliver it to the Department of Fisheries or to sell it at Bazar. Meanwhile a few traffickers seeking to steal the fish pursue Damon. Finally the fish is rescued by the help of the environment guards and fisheries officers.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration 80 min, 2016, HD

Rice Cake (Tah Chin)

  The story is about Morteza and Forogh, a couple married for several years. The man is so busy so he finds no emotion in his couple relationship anymore.Forogh involves an event and it makes their relationship is survived by the spouse finally.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration 84 min, 2016, HD

Sparrow Spring (Cheshmeh Gonjeshk)

  Nader is a sixth-grade primary school student. The teacher has encouraged students to submit an article. Nader called his friend’s paper to the teacher offers as his own and then won the provincial tournament. His friend, Amin realized and Nader is trying to make up for his mistake. 

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  • Genre Children, Drama, Family
  • Duration 73 min, 2015, HD

Yasin (Yaasin)

  During a period of life, a father by abuse of his young son’s situation, who knows the Quran by heart, tries to take a bribe and operates materially and intellectually in favor of himself. But an event is happened…

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  • Genre Family, Religious
  • Duration 90 min, 2016, HD

Track 143 (Shiyar-e 143)

  "Track 143" is a highly emotive story and screen adaptation of Abyar’s novel titled “The Third Eye” that narrates the story of a woman during Iran’s sacred defense.The movie tells the story a mother (Olfat) waiting for her son who has been missing in Pre-operation Valfajr during Iran-Iraq war. Remaining hopeful to see her son again, she starts a long waiting phase for the return of the son. She looks forward to return of her son for many years until she embraces his bones.

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  • Genre Drama, War
  • Duration 95 min, 2014, HD

Story of My Father's Bike & me (Gheseye Man va Docharkheye Babam)

    Hamed, the 13-year-old teenager has to both study and help his mother with work after his father’s death. He carries the clothes his mother makes to her customers riding an old bicycle left for him from his father. He has to ride long distances every day. Meanwhile the ministry of education makes an announcement about a bicycle race for guidance school students. For the same reason, Hamed takes every risk to get a bicycle for the race. However, he takes part with the same old bicycle.

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  • Genre Children, Family
  • Duration 100 min, 2014, HD
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