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Token (Neshaani)

  Ali has been living in an orphanage in Tehran since he was a baby. After he accidentally finds his parents’ profile in the archives, he travels to northern Iran looking for them. Divorced many years before, both father and mother have re-married and are unable now to take care of Ali, so he must live with his uncle. Everyone is urging him to go back to the orphanage, with the necessary facilities for a comfortable life. But Ali needs to stay to be close to his parents, and he starts then to prove his abilities to everyone.

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  • Genre Children
  • Duration 35mm, 83mins, 2008, Color

Loneliness (Tanhaee)

      Father is going to die. All family members get together with lots of complaints, regrets and sorrows. Hamid, the older son of the family is in jail, but has few days off to see the father. Hamid’s got a secret that keeps him in jail by the time he keeps it, the secret which must be revealed to the family to let father dies in peace.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration Video, 99mins, 2008, Color

The Night (Shab)

    To deliver a convict to a prison in another city, the young sergeant is obliged to spend the night in the holy city of Mashad, staying in an old inn with the handcuffed prisoner...

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 35mm, 90mins, 2008, Color

25:00 HOURS (Sa'at-e 25)

    After many years in Iraq prison, Taha sets free and gets back to the country. When getting home, he learns that his wife has re-married, and Mani, his son, is the only one he knows.

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  • Genre Drama, Family, War
  • Duration 35mm, 90mins, 2007, Color

DAY OF RAIN (Rouz-e Baaraan)

    In a small desert village, the inhabitants are struggling with a drought.  The efforts of the officials trying to find a solution fail, and villagers begin to leave. When they hold a Rain Prayer ceremony as a last solution, two orphans are asking a different prayer, praying that the rain not come.  Every night, the stars in the sky blink down at the orphans through the hole in the roof, which has recently collapsed.

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  • Genre Children, Family, Religious
  • Duration DV, 90mins, 2007, Color

From Saturday to Thursday (Az Shanbeh Taa Panjshanbeh)

  The whole story takes place during a week. On Saturday, a couple separates after many years of marriage. In the next days, they find the opportunity to review their past and present relationship and to explore the values of their common life. On Thursday, they decide to continue their marriage, because they learned many important issues about the common life, one more essential: Most of misunderstandings come from not talking to each other, and not expressing the feelings.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration Video, 90mins, 2007, Color

Kobra's Decision (Tasmim-e Kobraa)

    Kobra, a young nomad girl, is the tribe shepherdess with a close attachment to her horse. She is taken to a village by her granny to find a chance for education and to learn carpet weaving. Kobra, reluctant to stay at first, finds the village after a time an interesting place to live, with the help and sympathy of the school teacher. But Kobra has a hard decision to make at the end... to stay in the village with her granny, or to migrate with the tribe on her beloved horse?!...

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  • Duration 35mm, 81mins, 2007, Color

Last Knot (Gereh-ye Akhar)

    By successful in presentation of a new carpet design, Reza returns to Iran to launch the production line with Foruzandeh, the factory owner. Saman, Forouzandeh’s ex-employee, comes to Tehran to fix the machines. Right before the opening ceremony, Forouzandeh finds all CDs and designs stolen, and is arrested next day suspected of the murder of Saman. In the end, Babak, Forouzandeh’s employee and Saman’s driver, who has the CDs and taken Forouzandeh’s granddaughter as the hostage, is surrounded by the police and gets killed.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration Vedio, 113mins, 2007, Color

Night Bus (Otobus-e Shab)

    A young private has been assigned the difficult mission of delivering a bus full of POW's from the front line to the base in the rear, and he faces a long, dark night with a wounded fellow soldier and an elderly, nagging driver.

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  • Genre Drama, War
  • Duration Video (screening in 35mm), 90mins, 2007, Black & White

Retribution (Mokaafaat)

    Dr. Zadmehr is working in a hospital in a small town in the north of Iran. He is not committed to his profession and is more involved in the trade of lands and properties. When a pregnant woman dies because of his carelessness, her husband seeks revenge…

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  • Duration Video, 90mins, 2007, Color
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