IRIB Media Trade presents “Stand with the Wolf” in SUNCINE

The documentary "Stand with the Wolf" co-directed by Saeed Nabi and Maryam Khedevi Borojni, from the "Tanahi" documentary series, produced by IRIB’s Channel One, will be present at the 30th SUNCINE Spanish environmental film festival.

This documentary will be screened at the festival (November 17 to 25) in Barcelona, ​​Spain, thanks to the efforts of the IRIB Media Trade.

The documentary "Stand with the Wolf" examines the real life of Mr. Jalali, a dedicated environmentalist. He is devoted to Iran’s environment, and while he still has many bullets from hunters in his body, he has come to the conclusion that education in schools is an effective weapon to deal with the destruction of the environment. Despite all the setbacks, he continues to fight the hunters, hoping for better days, regardless of the end result.

SUNCINE introduces itself as “We are the oldest environmental film festival in the world; our goal is to educate through entertainment and to raise awareness, using audiovisuals as a tool and language. Since the 26 Edition, FICMA, as it is known as the Festival, has to be named SUNCINE, being the meeting point of the film industry and the public, feeling the pulse of the planet through the most recent environmental films.”

The documentary "Stand with the Wolf" was previously nominated for the "Golden Panda" award for "Best Documentary" at the 31st Sichuan TV Film Festival in September.