Safe House


Ahmad Moazzami


Hossein Torabnejad

This collection tells the story of two security agents named Kamal (Hamidreza Pegah) and Afshin (Amin Zangdhani), one of whom is in charge of the anti-terrorist team, and the other is in charge of the anti-corruption and money laundering team. According to the news, Kamal is informed that ISIS terrorist teams will launch operations in Iran. Kamal and his team use the information from abroad to identify one of the ISIS forces so that they can identify his contact in Tehran through him. Gradually, during this story, two complex terrorist and economic cases are tied together. And in the last part of the first season, Afshin goes to Tel Aviv for a mission.


Original Title: Khaneye Amn

Cast & Crew:
Director: Ahmad Moazzami

DoP: Ahmad Gooadarzi
Music: Arash Baadpa
Cast: Hamidreza Pegah, Amin Zendegaani, Sima Tirandaz, Parviz Fallahipour

Producer: IRIB - Channel 1
Executive Producer: Abolfazl Safari

Length: 50*45 min, HD