Mohammad Masoud


Kamal Tabrizi

The series "Motherland" is about a boy named "Rahi". After the bombardment of a village by the Allied forces, he was pulled out from under the rubble, and after a few days of care by his mother, he left for Tehran. Years later, he grows up in a mass family, but due to the occurrence of adventures, he is given to a court family. In this family, he gradually realizes his identity, which causes him to be entrusted to another family with religious beliefs. But this is not the end of his adventures and those around him.


Original Title: Sarzamin-e-Maadari

Cast & Crew:

Director:  Kamal Tabrizi

Screenplay: Alireza Talebzadeh

Editor: Bahram Dehghani – Reza Shirvani

Composer: Ahmad Pejman

Production Manager: IRIB – Channel 3

Producer:  Mohammad Masoud


Cast: Shahab Hosseini/ Mohsen Tanabandeh/ Niki Karimi/ Taralan Pavaneh/ Alireza Khamseh/ Javad Ezzati/ Mohammad Reza Froutan/ Hassan Pourshirazi/ Fereshteh Sadr Orafai/ Jafar Dehghan/ Amir Aghaei/ Shabnam Gholikhani/ Elham Hamidi/ Soraya Ghasemi/ Ali Shadman/ Pejman Bazghi/ Hengameh Ghaziani/ Mitra Hajjar/ Parviz Pourhosseini/ Leila Zare/ Asha Mehrabi/ Babak Hamidian/ Parivash Nazariyeh/ Saeed Nikpour/ Leila Barkhordari


Genre: Drama, History

Sound: 5.1

Color/ 66*50 Min/ Iran/ FULL HD