Khaal Khaali


IRIB - Saba Center


Habibollah Pirjani


Niyousha Sadr

The hunter makes fire with a pile of firewood in the forest. Khaal Khaali barks to alert him, but the hunter doesn't care; the dog tries to fire off. Finally, his tent is set on fire, and Khaal Khaali controls the fire with the help of the Elephant trunk, as a firefighter does.


Original Title: Khaal Khaali

Cast & Crew

Writer: Niyousha Sadr

Director: Habibollah Pirjani

Animator: Ehsan Sepehr

Story Board: Shahram Shirzadi, Samaneh Asadi, Ramin Sharafi

Editor: Fariba Jafarzadeh

Music: Mohammad Mehdi Gourangi

Executive Producer: Amineh Foroughi

Producer: IRIB - Saba Center

Sound: Erfan Yazdani

Genre: Children, Animation

Length: 134 mins, 2017, 2D