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Father (Pedar)

Hamed is a young boy who is involved in emotional wonders during an incident. Because of his beliefs and father who is a perfect model for his life, there is a path to a decisive choice for his destiny but …

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration 32 * 45 min, 2018, HD

Thief of the Soul (Sareghe Rooh)

  Nader Abedi; retired from the Ministry of Intelligence is a professor university. He believes all the social phenomena should be explained through “cause-effect relationship”. His attitude makes him go back to his job at the ministry and is authorized to review the cases which involve him in different adventures. Meanwhile his accompanying team; comprising his young students investigate all the cases in a rigorous way.

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 17 * 45 min, 2017, HD

Search for Peace (Dar Jostejooye Aramesh)

  Dr. Amini is one of the scientists and researchers in the field of pharmacy in Iran. He has an exemplary family; they are so sympathetic to solve each other problems. He has succeeded to produce a new anti-cancer medicine after 20 years of continuous effort which has no rival foreign products. The invention is produced domestically and it helps to promote national production. His first Iranian drug is unveiled at an official ceremony holding by the medical community and then Dr. Amini;his brilliant contributor and his company get popular in the medical world. But an event makes all of Dr. Amini's equations break down and put his validity in danger!

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 44 * 40 min, 2017, HD

Yellow Tape (Navar-e Zard)

  Omidi is an outstanding senior officer who closelyworks with numerous criminal cases and Internetfrauds. Meanwhile he deals with a case discoveringthe reality of his personal life…

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  • Genre Action, Crime
  • Duration 25 * 40 mins, 2017, HD

Motherland Story (Sarzamin-e Madari)

This serial narrates a little boy’s life during the socio-political history of Iran from 1940 to the 1979; the victory of the Islamic Revolution of the country. The boy named Rahi, whose body was pulled from the rubble after the bombardment of a village by the Allied Forces. His mother took care of him until he left to Tehran. Few years later he grew up in a family with the Communist beliefs but because of some adventures he was adopted by a royal family. Then he was gradually discovering his identity.

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 18 * 40 mins, 2015, HD

Amin Team (Amin)

  Shirazi Colonel is the commander of the special team (Amen); responsible for fugitive offender project, Homayoun Tamadon who killed the colonel's brother during the last year kidnapping operations.Police traces of Homayoun through discovering a drug container. At the same time, son of Humayoun arrives to Iran to attend the death anniversary of his wife, Maryam Novin.The police officers also put him under consideration to find Homayoun but…

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  • Genre Crime
  • Duration 19* 40 mins, 2015, HD

Jalal ad-Din

  “Jalal ad-Din” narrates the lifestory of an ancient Iranian poet Maulana Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi in his three periods of youth, adulthood and old time special his great impression time by Shams Tabrizi coinciding with Mongols invasion of Iran.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical
  • Duration 11 x 50 mins, 2015, HD


  Madineh is the story of a  courageous and strong  woman who does her best to bring her family back together after losing her husband,  Jahan, who leaves a factory  to his son, Bahman.  Greed leads  Bahman and his  biological mother, Roohi to take out a loan on interest which forever alters their lives.

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  • Genre Religious
  • Duration HD, 27X45mins, 2014, Color

Big Troubles (Dardesarha-ye Azim)

  The serial is some comedy troubles for Latif and Bahar who are going to be engaged.An unknown baby is found in the Latif's car when his family is coming to Tehran for engagement ceremony. This falls both Latif and Bahar into trouble again. Farhan another character of the serial tries to do his best for the two because he is indebted to their help somehow.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration 26 X 40 mins, 2015, HD

Setayesh (Setayesh)

            Taher has just finished two years of military service defending Iran against Saddam Hussein's war of aggression. His friend, who's deserted the frontline, wants Taher to help smuggle him out of the country. Despite his better judgment, and at the insistence of his friend's sister, Setayesh, he agrees. Taher and Setayesh eventually grow fond of each other and make plans to marry. But a tragedy causes a great rift between their families that threatens to keep the two from ever finding happiness together & ...    

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration 70 episodes, 2013, Video
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