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Warm Breath (Nafas-e Garm)

     A social melodrama is narrated a religious women's life calling Maliheh. She faces different happenings during the serial which overshadow her life and her belief.

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration HD, 32X45mins, 2015, Color

Loneliness of Leila (Tanhaei-e Leila)

    The serial is about Mohammad who has lost all his member family because of the earthquake and now is a custodian of the holy shrine.His falling in love with a girl puts him in a special situation in which his belief is evaluated by the Divine Exam. 

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  • Genre Drama
  • Duration 30 X 40 mins, 2015, HD

In The Eyes of The Storm (Dar Chashme Bad)

    In the Eye of the Storm spans the period of history between the revolutionary movement begun by Iran's national hero Mirza Koochak Khan in the early twentieth century, to the freedom of Khoramshahr during the eight year war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s. The story is told through the trials and tribulations, love and relationships, of one family.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical
  • Duration 44 episodes, 2012, 35 mm

Pahlavi Cap (Kolah-e Pahlavi)

    This series focuses on the lives of the people living in an imaginary city named Saman with a background of Iran political events from 1930 to 1941.It also gives an idea of integration policies of Reza Shah's régime such as “Unveiling women”.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical
  • Duration 54 X 45 mins, 2012, 35 mm

Operation 125 (Amaliyat-e-125)

    In Operation 125 we meet a group of young men, all from different walks of life with their own trials and tribulations, but all with one goal in mind, to become firefighters. Family and finances test their resolve, but they're determined to make it work.

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  • Genre Action, Drama
  • Duration 1400 mins, 2010

CHEF (Ashpaz Bashi)

    A happily married couple runs one of the most successful restaurants in Tehran. He’s the head chef and she’s the manager. But when she goes on television and starts singing her own praises without also acknowledging her husband’s efforts, he takes offence and leaves the restaurant. What starts out as a small argument keeps escalating until it threatens to tear their family apart.

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  • Genre Family
  • Duration DVCAM, 26 X 40mins, 2010, Color

Ladder to The Sky (Nardebam-e Aseman)

    This series focuses on the life of Ghiaseddin Jamshid Kashani, the great Iranian astronomer, mathematician and discoverer of ח=3/14 & Sinus from childhood to the time he becomes a famous, and his companion Moineddin Kashani.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical
  • Duration 21 x 45 mins, 2009, Video

JESUS, THE SPIRIT OF GOD (Besharate Monji)

    This film attempts to portray the life and message of Jesus through a very different angle. In “Jesus, the Spirit of God", Islamic and Christian narratives coincide to reveal how the Islamic world views this great prophet with his critical message.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration 35mm, 100mins, 2007, Color

COMA (Eghma)

    Dr. Pajouhan, subspecialist in Brain Surgery is famous for many successful surgeries he has performed during Iran-Iraq war. His wife Molud has a malignant brain tumor. Medical custom prevents him to operate a member of his own family, though Molud insists on him performing the surgery. Pajouhan finally operates his wife but Molud does not survive the operation. Totally disappointed by the death of Molud, Pajouhan stops working. Suddenly, Elias, survivor from one of Pajouhan’s operations in wartime, shows up and brings hope to Pajouhan for getting back to work. Strangely, Elias guides Pajouhan for the next surgeries he is going to perform with providing him secret and personal information on each patient! Little by little, Pajouhan’s private and professional life is controlled by Elias. But, does Elias really exist?

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  • Genre Drama, Family, Religious
  • Duration Video, 30 X 40mins, 2007, Color


  Shayegan’s company is nearly bankrupt with heavy debts. Jalal Fotuhi has financed the checks Shayegan has made out to the creditors, then putting pressure on Shayegan leave him his factory.  Shayegan suddenly disappears. In the search for her father, Shayegan’s daughter Hasti becomes acquainted with Jalal, who is still insisting on taking over the factory in return for covering the checks. Seeing no alternative, Hasti asks for help from Haj Younes, Jalal’s very religious and wealthy father. After several meetings in trying to solve the problem, Haj Younes finds himself in love with Hasti, a love which is going to spread Haj Younes’ family apart. Meanwhile, through police investigations, Hasti learns his father is alive and hiding in a safe place. Hasti locates her father and blames him for his mistakes and failures. A few days later, Shayegan gets killed and Farzad, the company’s accountant, is arrested. Haj Younes, overwhelmed in his love for Hasti, learns that the real murderer is Jalal, his son…

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration Video, 31 x 30’, Color, 2007
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