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Under The Blade (Zire Tigh)

  Mahmoud and Jafar are two close friends who work with each other at a city factory. Their families are also very close to each other, as Jafar's son engaged to Mahmood's daughter. Jafar's older brother Ghodrat opposes the engagement. Ghodrat wants his daughter to marry Jafar's son. Ghodrat and his friends attempt to split up the two families in order to sabotage the engagement. Mahmood becomes head of the storage at the factory but is fired from his job after allegations of theft come up. Mahmood and Jafar get into a fight and Mahmood accidentally kills Jafar. This leads to a rift between the two families, including the engaged couple as well as the other people close to Mahmood and Jafar.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration DVCAM, 19 X 45mins, 2007, Color

You Never Know (Shayad Baraye Shoma Ham Etefagh Bioftad)

  Each episode tells the story of a character who intentionally or unintentionally commits bad deeds, and one day faces the consequences of his/her deeds in life.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration 100 X 40 mins, 2012, Video

Abraham, The Prophet (Ebrahib Payambar)

    Based on the story of Holy Koran, this film depicts the life of Abraham, the second arch-Prophet, and his fights against Namrood, his marriage with Hajar, birth and sacrifice of Ishmael and finally making Holy Mecca…

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration 35mm, 5X40 mins, 2006, Color

THAT WAS AN ANGEL (Ou Yek Fereshteh Boud)

  Behzad is a religious person who tries to live a righteous life, but sometimes his holier than thou attitude towards others makes him blind to his own shortcomings. When he gets into an accident with a mysterious girl on a deserted road, his faith is put to the test. Will Behzad be able to tell good from evil and make the right decision.    

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  • Genre Drama, Family, Religious
  • Duration DVC, 30 X 35mins, 2005, Color

The Accused Got Away (Motaham Gorikht)

    Mr. Hashem and his family live calmly in not so far away city. Before his sickness intensifies, he is working in a store preparing car exhaust but according to doctor’s prescription, He is avoided to perform heavy task.On the other hand his girl as a student in Tehran arranged an employment and tent a house for him. Hashem forcedly quitted his work and migrated to Tehran. His migration along with her mother and son-in-low created adventure that…

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  • Genre Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Duration DV, 26×45mins, 2005, Color

DAYS TO REMEMBER (Rouzhaye Beyad Mandani)

    At the start of the First World War, the Iranian government announces its neutrality in order to spare the country from unnecessary devastation, but Iran’s neutrality is disregarded by both the Allies (Russia & England) and the Axis (Germany & the Ottoman). The film focuses on the unlawful intervention of the two sides, the encounter and strife between the forces of the two, the effect made on the social and even personal lives of the Iranians and the efforts of Ahmad Shah Qajar to preserve the country’s independence and territorial integrity.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical
  • Duration 35mm, 20 episodes, 2004, Color

A SLEEP & A WAKE (Khab-o Bidar)

    Natasha is sent to Iran to make a huge drug deal but her partners are arrested and Police takes the dollars brought to Iran for the same purpose. To prepare the money for fulfillment of her job, Natasha starts robbing banks with the help of a felon nicknamed “Panther Abdollah”. Police can finally trace Natasha to her stepfather’s house where she’s been hiding since the beginning. In the end, Natasha gets killed in a shooting and her other partners are arrested.

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  • Genre Detective & Mystery, Drama
  • Duration Video, 20X50, 2004, Color

THE LOST INNOCENCE (Masoumiat-e Az Dast Rafteh)

    The story takes place during the reign of Ibn Ziyad, though; Ashoora uprising is put forward in the story too. Showzab, the treasurer of Kufa, is still in love with Homeira, a Jewish widow whose husband has been killed in a battle against Imam Ali. Maria, Showzab’s wife who is Christian, becomes the victim of Homeira’s conspiracy, in a way Showzab sends Maria out of his home. Showzab finally marries Homeira, but the things happen in the years later ends to Showzab’s lunacy.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration Video, 13 x 45mins, 2004, Color

THE RED SOIL (Khak-e Sorkh)

    The Red Soil depicts the tense days of the fall of the city of Khoramshahr during the early days of the Iraqi imposed war. The series is a vivid and realistic portrayal of the public resistance against the invading Iraqi army and its occupation of Khoramshahr city. According to revolutionary activities of a father, his little daughter was lost after he was arrested in a conflict. After passing long years, she tries to find her parents. During her decision for going to southern cities of Iran, the war starts between Iraq and Iran.

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  • Genre Drama, War
  • Duration Video, 14 x 50mins, 2004, Color

HELP ME (Komakam Kon)

    Soroush Keramati, the owner of a big company, goes into a coma due to an accident. In coma, he gets acquainted with some others being in coma as well. They promise each other to ask forgiveness for each from some people in real life, if any of them can make it to get back to life. Among them, Soroush is the one who can make it. He finds out that the ones he met in coma are now hospitalized in different hospitals, but he has decided to keep his promise, and…

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  • Genre Drama, Family, Religious
  • Duration DV, 29 × 40mins, 2004, Color
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