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HELP ME (Komakam Kon)

    Soroush Keramati, the owner of a big company, goes into a coma due to an accident. In coma, he gets acquainted with some others being in coma as well. They promise each other to ask forgiveness for each from some people in real life, if any of them can make it to get back to life. Among them, Soroush is the one who can make it. He finds out that the ones he met in coma are now hospitalized in different hospitals, but he has decided to keep his promise, and…

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  • Genre Drama, Family, Religious
  • Duration DV, 29 × 40mins, 2004, Color

HOMELESS (Khaneh be Doush)

  Mashallah & Aslan were playmates long time ago. Now, they are the brothers in law with lots of problems in their relationships. This displeasure started when they established a company which does not come to a satisfactory end. This is when Aslan has improved the company by himself and now, after several years, has made lots of money. On the other hand, Mash Allah, being in a bad financial situation, does everything to make his living, even trying to go to Malaysia for work. Now, two families have decided to reconcile the brothers in law.

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  • Genre Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Duration DV, 26×45mins, 2004, Color

HOJR-IBN ODDAI (Hojr-Ibn-Oddy)

    This is a 13 episode series focusing on the life of Hojr-Ibn Oddai Kendi, one of Imam Ali (AS)’s companions who accepted Islam at the age of 13, propagating the religion and fighting the usurpers of the sovereignty and people’s properties. He was one of famous personalities in Shia’ period. During Imam Ali (AS)’s fighting with the enemies, he was always along with him. In Saffin Battle, he was appointed as a commandeer of Candeh Tribe by Imam Ali (AS) and in Nahrawan Battle he was also appointed as a commandeer of the left side of the army. He was also Imam Hassan (AS)’s companion during his succession.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration Video, Color, 13 x 50 mins, 2003


    In one of south regions in old Tehran, Heidar, a bully, falls in love with a Qajar princess and proposes to her. She accepts his proposal providing that he executes the passion-play for Imam Hossein for ten nights in Ashoura. This is when the king of Iran, Reza-Khan, has forbidden any religious and traditional plays, but Heidar and his friends have decided to make it despite all dangers and problems…

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration Video, 10 episodes, 2003, Color

REIGN OF LOVE (Velayat-e Eshgh)

    Harun Al-Rashid dies in Tus and this causes a war between his sons Amin and Ma’amoun. Being helped by Zeidieh group, Fazl Ibn-Sahl, Ma’amoun’s Iranian envoy, brings Amin’s head for Ma’amoun and he formally comes to the throne. Then, Imam Reza’s succession and his compulsory departure from Medina come up and thereafter…

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration 35mm, 2002, 29 X 50mins, color

IMAM ALI (Emam Ali)

    During Osman’s ruling, cries of objection are heard from different parts of Islamic lands. Some people from Kufeh and some from Egypt have come to Medina to complain. Mistakes made by Marvan, Osman’s son-in-law, change people’s objections to wrath and Osman is murdered in his house. Thereafter, people swear allegiance to Imam Ali (AS) whereas some governors are against him…

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration 35mm, 2000, 22 episodes, color

THE SWEET WORLD OF DARYA (Donyay-e Shirin-e Darya)

    This 34 episode series is about a girl named Darya who lives with her mother and two brothers in a village in the heart of jungle and near the sea in the north of Iran. In each episode with a different story or a new incident, Darya faces new experiences in her world and finds a new sight toward life.

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  • Genre Drama, Family
  • Duration Video, 34 episodes, 1998, Color

Joseph, The Prophet (Yusof-e Payambar)

    This serial is about one of the most beautiful, impressive and dramatic stories of Koran. Joseph, the prophet of God, is born in one of cities of Mesopotamia. His beauty and qualifications makes him the center of attention, and this is what makes his brothers envy him. So, they once take him to the desert and put him in a well. Though they say to the father, Jacob, of his being killed by a wolf, but he doesn’t believe them. In the other hand, a caravan finds Josef, taking him out of well, and…  

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration 35mm, 45 X 50mins, Color

QARIB’S DAYS (Ruzegar-e Qarib)

    Dr. Mohammad Qarib is the founder of Modern Medicine for Children in Iran. In 1975, he is hospitalized of cancer disease in Infants Hospital, the one he himself founded, but passes away after ten days. In this short time, Dr. Qarib reviews all memories of his life since childhood.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical
  • Duration DV, 32 x 50mins, In Production, Color

MOKHTAR (Mokhtar Nameh)

    MOKHTAR NAMEH focuses on the life of Mokhtar Saghafi, one of Imam Ali’s companions, known for his uprising against Umayyad after martyrdom of Imam Hossein and his companions in Karbala. This serial represents the political and social situation of Islam from ruling time of Imam Ali to reign of Imam Sajjad.

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  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration 45 X 55 mins, 35 mm
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