Serial (70)


    To kill Muawiya, the first caliph of Umayyad, a man from Khavarej (the group opposed to Imam Ali) comes to Damascus, but the terror is totally a failure. Muawiya finds out that Khavarej is going to murder Imam Ali in revenge of defeat in Nahravan. After a while, the news about Imam Ali’s martyrdom and allegiance of people to Imam Hassan spreads out in Damascus. Muawiya gets prepared to pursue his incomplete war with Imam Ali, this time with Imam Hassan. Imam Hassan prepares an army too but this time trick twice helps Muawiya.

Additional Info

  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration 35mm, 19 episodes, Color, 200

SAINT MARY (Marym-e Moghaddas)

    It is the year 16 B.C. People of Jerusalem are waiting impatiently for the birth of the son of Emran, the “Messiah”. But instead, a girl is born. Anna, her mother, names her Mary, which means the Servant of God. At the age of 6, Mary is presented in the temple, and remains there under the protection of Zechariah the prophet until the age of 16. She spends all of her time in labor and prayers, and is harassed by the Jewish priests. She achieves such holiness that the angel Gabriel descends upon her, and she gives birth to Jesus Christ.

Additional Info

  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical, Religious
  • Duration (Serial version: 11 X 45mins)

Shahryar (Shahryar)

    Shahryar is about the life of the famous Iranian contemporary poet Mohammad Hossein whose pen-name was Shahryar. This 22 episode series focuses on his childhood to the time he becames a famous poet, and finally his death…

Additional Info

  • Genre Drama, Epic/Historical
  • Duration DVC, 22×50mins, Color

Third Sense (Hese Sevom)

    Sima had lost her sense of smell when she was a child. After she gets into a car accident and suffers a minor brain injury, her sense of smell returns. It doesn’t just come back, it does so with a vengeance. Now she can smell things others can’t. But not just anything – it’s the particular smell of opium that she has hypersensitivity to. Now her husband wants to take advantage of her new ability by shaking down junkies to extort money from them. He figures it’s an easy way to make money, but things quickly get out of hand once they get mixed up with the police.

Additional Info

  • Genre Crime
  • Duration DV, 10X45mins, 2006, Color


  Hamed’s uncle has been dead for more than thirty years. In his youth he had met and married a Tajik girl while studying abroad in Germany. Hamed’s father never approved of her, and after his brother died, he drove her off and took the land his brother had given her. Now he’s feeling guilty about it and has sent his son a mission to find her. But will Hamed be able to do enough to make up for his father’s past sins?

Additional Info

  • Genre Religious
  • Duration DV, 28X45mins, 2007, Color

Fall of Angel (Soghout-e Yek Fereshteh)

  A devoutly religious middle aged man marries the widow of his long-time friend. They both have daughters the same age, but whereas one of them strives to lead a pious life, the other is more inclined towards worldly temptations. Along comes a mysterious young man with an unknown agenda who manages to tempt one of the young ladies astray, causing heartache and trouble for the family.

Additional Info

  • Genre Drama
  • Duration HD, 30*45mins, 2011

The Sound of Rain (Avaz-e Baran)

  Taha’s a successful businessman and a widower living with his five year old daughter. On a business trip to Turkey, he gets framed for smuggling drugs and sentenced to life in prison, so he entrusts everything he’s got, including his daughter, to his nephew. After twenty years, Thah gets released and comes back home, but things are not exactly as he’d left them, and he soon realizes he may have put his trust in the wrong people.

Additional Info

  • Genre Family
  • Duration HD, 40*45 mins, 2011

Dark Intelligence I

  Behrooz Ahmadi is an officer at the cyber crime unit of Tehran's Criminal  Investigation  Department. His unit  is  overloaded dealing with a wide variety of crimes from digital insurance fraud to international internet  pyramid schemes. But there's one case that has Ahmadi's focused  attention, and that's a new  criminal mastermind who goes by the name Kamran, who's already killed at least one  member of Ahmadi's  team. When Kamran  learns the cyber crime officer is hot on his trail, he befriends Ahmadi's teen-age son in his efforts to get close to and outsmart the cops.

Additional Info

  • Genre Crime
  • Duration HD, 15X45mins, 2010, Color

Chimney (Dood-Kesh)

  Effat and Firooz are living at the carpet cleaning center they own. Firooz’s sister has gotten married to Effat’s brother and the two guys just can’t get along with each other. Both families are constantly in need of money to deal with their problems, but whenever problems arise, they always manage to find a way to come together to overcome them.

Additional Info

  • Genre Family
  • Duration DV, 24*45mins, 2013

Dark Intelligence II

  Kamran Booryayi, also known as Jamshid Kazemi, has landed himself in prison after attempting to kidnap a police officer’s son. But it doesn’t take long for this dangerous criminal who is also a computer genius to come up with an elaborate plan and break out prison. This time it’s not only the police that’s trying to hunt Kamran down again. The criminal organization he once worked for now wants him eliminated. Will Kamran be able to outsmart both sides of the law?

Additional Info

  • Genre Detective & Mystery
  • Duration HD, 20X45mins, 2012, Color
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