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Lady of the Mansion (BanooyeEmarat)

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The story narrates a romantic melodrama in the late Middle Ages of Nasir al-Din Shah and Muzaffariddin Shah Qajar.
The main role of this series is the love story of a Qajar princess named Arsalan Mirzaye Qajar in a girl named Fakhrul Zaman from the Shalchi tribe. In this context, the most important political incident at that time; the assassination of Nasser-al-Din Shah by Mirza Reza Kermani, is also dealt with.

Lady of the Mansion
Original Title:BanooyeEmarat

Cast & Crew:
Director: Azizullah HamidNezhad
Writer: Sana AsadullahiNia

DoP: Alireza Ranjbaran
Editor: Hosein Ghazanfari
Sound: Arash Eshaghi
Fardin Khalatbari

Cast: Pantea Panahi-ha, Maryam Momen, Hesam Manzour, Niki Nasrian, Alireza Shojanouri

Producer: IRIB - Sima Film Center
Executive Producer: Majid Molaei

Genre: Drama
Lenght: 34 * 45 min, 2019, HD


Additional Info

  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Duration: 34 * 45 min, 2018, HD
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Lady of the Mansion
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