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The Window

Ali, a 12-year-old teen, lives in a village with his family during the northern railway construction. He realizes that their neighbor’s child is sick, and as he is interested in painting, he learns it from an old local painter and tries to entertain the child.
‌Producer: IRIB-Channel 2
Director: Rahbar Ghanbari
Writer: Rahbar Ghanbari

Three Fish

Elham went to the doctor because of a strange headache and found that she had a brain tumor and may have amnesia caused by surgery. Meanwhile, her tiling is approved by the City Beautification. She recently lost her child and does not want to do the surgery.
‌Producer: IRIB-Sima Film Center
Director: Hamidreza Ghorbani
Writer: Niloufar Mahlouji, Azita Iraei


The story about Yasin, a teenager who has been spent all his childhood in Quranic assemblies and meetings and now he recites Quran a beautiful voice by heart. His father, Mahmoud, an expert engineer tries to recovery his bad relation with his wife and children. He is known as a greedy and hypocrite person. Yasin leaves the home in anger to his grandfather’s and Mahmoud travels to the north of country to make Yasin return home. During this travel, some events happened for him and these happenings made a turning point in his life.
‌Producer: IRIB-IFilm Channel
Director: Hamed Amraei


Haji Baba, an old man whose old bike is his only companion, gets hospitalized in a car accident. The event makes his children come together again. Haji Baba’s grandchildren have little time to find and return his bike before the grandfather discharging from the hospital because they all know how much he cares for his bike. 5 grandchildren try their best to find the bike by searching around the city of Esfahan and helping out Internet cyberspaces.
‌Producer: IRIB - Isfahan Center
Director: Mostafa Nazarizadeh
Writer: Ali Khodsiyani

Sparrow's Spring

Nader is a sixth-grade primary school student. The teacher has encouraged students to submit an article. Nader called his friend’s paper to the teacher offers as his own and then won the provincial tournament. His friend, Amin, realized, and Nader is trying to make up for his mistake.
‌Producer: IRIB-Channel 2
Director: Panahbarkhoda Rezaee
Writer: Mohammad Hossein Safari


The movie "Stammer" is about a teen-age boy named Rasool who tries to ease the stammering problem of his sister, Sarah. To deal with the problem, their teacher advises Sarah to read story books continually. However, no good storybook is available for children in the far-away village where they live. This is, indeed, the beginning of the challenges that the boy has to face.
‌Producer: Mahmood Fotouhi Shahabad
Director: Mohammadreza Haji Gholami
Writer: Maral Sajadi

The Messiah

The film portrays Jesus from an Islamic perspective, based not only on the canonical gospels, but also the Qur'an.
‌Producer: Abdollah Saeedi
Director: Nader Talebzadeh
Writer: Nader Talebzadeh

Friday and I

Amir is a single child, and long hours of loneliness make him create an imaginary friend.
‌Producer: Nasim Bastani
Director: Hossein Ameri

The Situation of Mehdi

Mehdi Bakri, the commander of the 31st Ashura Division, wants his younger brother Hamid to return to the region and be by his side despite his problems. Hamid accepts and goes along. Now after the Khyber operation, Mahdi must return home alone. This narrative is depicted in six scenes.
‌Producer: Habiballah Valinejad
Director: Mehdi Hejazifar
Writer: Ebrahim Amini

Wing of Imagination

Reza, a teenager from Qom city, should carry the colored silks from painting work shop to the people’s house who wave a carpet in different parts of the city by his bicycle… the painting workshop is supposed to be closed… the closure of work shop means leaving Reza without work and also the carpet wavers loss their jobs supplying their lives… the carpet wavers are involving their problems and Reza ...
Director: Ahmad Feyzi