Documentaries Library

Standing with the Wolf

"Standing with the Wolf" is a riveting documentary that chronicles the inspiring journey of Jalali, a dedicated Park Ranger who has been hit by over 90 lead bullets during his career.
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Saeed Nabi, Maryam Khadivi

Nomad Girl

"Nomad Girl" is a captivating documentary that follows the journey of a young girl from a nomadic tribe who defies all odds to become a successful king boxer.
Director: Rouhollah Akbari
Writer: Rouhollah Akbari

No Goodbye

A different narrative of the migration of Iranian athletes and three important cases
Director: Sajad Rajab Boloukat

Felt Art

A narrative of the history of felt and felt art in Borujerd city
‌Producer: Naser NaserPour
Director: Naser NaserPour

The Jockey

Jamil has been a horse lover since he was a child. He works in the Turkmen city of Gonbad-e Kavus with his uncle, who is a horse trainer, away from his family. Jamil aspires to enter a professional course so that he can provide for his family and achieve his dream. He trains and treats horses every day. Eventually, he is allowed to enter, but first he has to fulfill his mother's vow and then enter the competition for the first time.
‌Producer: Hadi Shariati
Director: Hadi Shariati

Hope’s Guardians: 2

The program deals with the vital role of park rangers and game wardens in protecting the environment and rare animal species. The film looks at this job in a very detailed and profound way..
‌Producer: Mohammad sadegh Dehghani
Director: Mohammad sadegh Dehghani
Writer: Mohammad sadegh Dehghani

Fisherman’s Nowruz

The Fishermanit’s Nowruz is one of the beautiful and useful traditions practised by the people of Qeshm Island which is close to passing into oblivion. It has its roots in the ancient history of Persia. The tradition which is actually a way of calculating the periods of time like days and months, is peculiar to Iranians and even now, experienced old sailors are fully familiar with this nautical calendar.
‌Producer: Saeid Mandegari
Director: Farshid Iranparast


‌Producer: Saied Nabi
Director: Saied Nabi, Maryam khadivi Brojeni
Writer: Maryam Khadivi Broujeni

Without him

‌Producer: Saied Nabi
Director: Saied Nabi, Maryam khadivi Brojeni
Writer: Maryam Khadivi Broujeni

Coast Dwellers

This documentary deals with the role and place of music in the culture of Iranian people and its influence on their lives. The film also tries to explore the impact music has had on the creation of national unity.
‌Producer: Hasan Dehghan
Director: Hasan Dehghan
Writer: Hasan Dehghan