Animations Library


"Heroes" is an animated TV series set in 8th century AH in Khwarazm, one of the cities of old Khorasan. The show follows the story of Poriya Vali, a blacksmith and master of a palaestra, who trains his protégés in the art of combat.
‌Producer: Siavash Zarrin Abadi
Director: Siavash Zarrin Abadi
Writer: Siavash Zarrin Abadi

Garden of Tales

"Garden of Tales" is a delightful TV animation for children and parents alike. The show is set in a peaceful village bursting with colorful flowers and follows the kind gardener who takes care of them every day.
‌Producer: : Ali Honarvar
Director: : Ali Honarvar
Writer: Shima Adriani

Curious Little Ones

"Curious Little Ones" is a TV animation series that follows a group of young children as they face various challenges, using their childish minds to overcome them and develop positive consciousness, empathy, and love for the world around them
‌Producer: Atena Moslemi
Director: Atena Moslemi
Writer: Naghmeh Teflisi


"Treasure" is an exciting adventure story that follows the journey of a ruler who is obsessed with collecting wealth
‌Producer: Ziba Keshvari
Director: Samad Gholamzadeh
Writer: Samad Gholamzadeh


"Globulees" is an animated educational series that teaches children and teenagers about the human body and how to stay healthy
‌Producer: Babak Nazari
Director: Ashkan Shir Mohammadi
Writer: Ashkan Shir Mohammadi, Babak Nazari, Asa Saliani

Farid's Riddles

Farid's Riddles is an animated TV series that aims to teach scientific and moral content to children in an entertaining way
‌Producer: Seyyed Alireza Golpayegani
Director: Seyyed Alireza Golpayegani
Writer: Siavash Zarin Abadi, Pegah Izadian

Vegetable Neighborhood

Vegetable Neighborhood" is an animated series that follows the adventures of Ghelgheli, Gol Beser, Gerdijan, Noqli, and their new friend, TT Lee, a pumpkin who comes to live in their vegetable garden.
‌Producer: Ghasem Yusefi Kamangar
Director: Bahram Javanroudi
Writer: Shiva Darvish

Neighbors of the Forest

Neighbors of the Forest" is a pleasing and educational animated series that follows the lives of several animals in a green forest who band together to solve problems.
‌Producer: Hamid Reza Riahi
Director: Mehrdad Mohtashami
Writer: Hamid Reza Riahi

Animal Kindergarten

Animal Kindergarten" is a heartwarming animated series that takes place in a forest kindergarten dedicated to animals.
‌Producer: Kaveh Kan`ani
Director: Kaveh Kan`ani
Writer: Mas`ood Khakbaz, Azadeh Shakoori Rad

Mr. Teacher and Children

Mr. Teacher and Children" is an animated series that showcases common stories and narratives that children experience throughout their lives.
‌Producer: Davood Hadisi
Director: Davood Hadisi
Writer: Mas`ood Khakbaz, Zahra Beladi