Mohammad Mahdi Mashkoori


Mohammad Reza Hesaei - Hossein Saffarzadegan

The story begins when Karakan captured all of the planets except a planet called Sepidshahr. There is a champion named Radshir in Sepidshahr who is fighting back and doesn’t want to surrendered his planet to Karakan. A boy called Arman with a wristband has special powers and decides to escape from his city to gather a team in order to stand against Karakan and set all the plants free. But Karakan knows about this wristband and is trying to get his hand on it and destroy it thought his robotic army and spies all around the planets.


Original Title: Arman

Cast & Crew:
Writer: Abdollah Maleki
Director: Mohammad Reza Hesaei - Hossein Saffarzadegan

Background design: Shirin Anijidani, Atefeh Fathi
3d Artist: Mohammad Khandani
Animator: Maryam Makinezhad, Elahe Nikkhah, Ali Nikkhah, Malihe Salahian, Mahdieh khalili, Hamidreza Rajaee, Hadi Rozbahani, Mansour Moghadam
Rigging: Masoud Feyzpour, Mostafa Eradi, Mahsa Kabi
Layout: Amine Bohloul
Vfx: Ali Pour Moradi
Render: Iman Bagheri
Composite: Mohammad Taha Mortazavi, Zoha Shakiba, Mohammad Reza Shafiee
Editing: Mina Nemati
Logo: Hamid Ghorbanpour
Doubbing: Shila Azhir
Music: Yousef Ghorbani

Producer: Mohammad Mahdi Mashkoori
ٍEecutive producer: Mostafa khajeh Naderi
Production: IRIB - Pooya TV Channel

Length: 26 x 22 min, 2021, 3D
Kids, Teen