The Canvas and Lady




Saeid Soltani

The story of this series is narrated in the first Pahlavi period and is a moment of the intersection of love, politics and religion. He is dragged and goes to the brink of destruction in the shadow of the malice and deception of the malevolent, but at the last moment, he rises from the ashes like a phoenix.


The Canvas and Lady
Original Title: Boom o Bänoo

Cast & Crew:
Director: Saeid Soltani
Writer: Sholeh Shariati, Azam Behrooz

DoP: Mohammad Naseri
Editor: Ehsan Shaybani
Music: Payman Yazdanian

Cast: Masoud Raygan, Diba Zahedi, Saghar Ghena'at, Mahdi Ahmadi, Behnam Tashakor and Atila Pesyani

Producer: IRIB - Channel 2
Executive Producer: Arman Zarinkoob

Genre: Romance, History, Religious
Lenght: 41 x 45 min, 2020, HD