Mehdi Imani Shahmiri

Between the palpable silences and the colours that morph into words lies the story of one of the last women who knows how to make "Gelij" (jewel-coloured woven mats). It is said that a fairy gifted this ancient skill to the village.


This documentary takes us on a journey to Chasham village, where the women have been practicing the art of Gelij weaving for centuries. It showcases the unique "Gelij" carpet, which is exclusively woven in this region and carries a rich historical significance. Through the voices of the village's mothers and grandmothers, we hear legends and stories that have been passed down through generations. "Keshvar Khale" is a rural woman who has dedicated herself to weaving this forgotten and beautiful craft. She shares with us the intricate carvings and the hidden meanings behind the colors of the Gelij mats. The documentary takes us on a sensory journey that captures the palpable silence and the vivid colors that morph into words, bringing to life the story of one of the last women who knows how to make Gelij. The film also explores the fairytale-like origin of this ancient skill, gifted to the village by a fairy.


Cast & Crew:

Director: Mehdi Imani Shahmiri

Producer: IRIB – Semnan Center

Genre: Documentary

Length: 24 min, 2021, HD