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Hadi Hejazi Far


Hadi Hejazi Far, Ebrahim Amini, Fars Bagheri, Amin Behrouzi

The series "Ashura" is by "Hadi Hijazi Far" and it was previously broadcast as a movie called The Situation of Mehd. This mini-series shows the courage and bravery of the martyr "Hamid Bakeri" and the story of the life and martyrdom of "Mehdi Bakeri." It also depicts the bravery and fearlessness of the 31st Ashura corps and the silent efforts of the brave men in the Kheyber and Badr wars.


"Ashura" is a gripping TV series that follows the story of the Bakri brothers, Hamid and Mehdi, and the 31st Ashura Army's bravery and fearlessness in the Khyber and Badr wars. The series is directed by Hadi Hijazi Far and is based on the previously released movie called "Mahdi's Situation".

The story begins when Mehdi Bakri, played by a talented actor, enlists his younger brother, Hamid, to join him on the warfront. Despite the problems and issues that Hamid faces, he agrees to his brother's request and sets out to fight alongside him.


The series depicts the warzone's brutal reality and the struggles that the Ashura Army faces. However, it also highlights the unsung heroes and the silent efforts of the brave men in the Khyber and Badr wars.

After the Khyber operation, Mehdi Bakri must return home alone, leaving his brother behind. But, his brother's fate remains uncertain. Mehdi must grapple with the aftermath of the war and the loss of his brother. The series follows the heart-wrenching story of his journey to find out what happened to his brother and how he copes with the loss.

"Ashura" is a story of courage, bravery, and brotherhood. It showcases the human spirit's resilience in the face of adversity and how the bonds of brotherhood can help overcome the toughest obstacles. The series is a must-watch for anyone who loves gripping war dramas that strike a chord with the audience.



Director: Hadi Hejazi Far

Scriptwriter: Hadi Hejazi Far, Ebrahim Amini

Director of Photography: Vahid Ebrahimi

 Editor: Hosein Jamshidi Gohar

 Composer: Mas`ood Sekhavat Doost

 Sound recorder: Masih Had Pour Seraj

Sound Mixer: Arash Ghasemi

Set and Costume: Amir Zaghari, Behzad Agha Beygi

Makeup designer: Shahram Khalaj

Production Manager: IRIB

Producer:  Abolfazl Safari, Habib Vali Nejad, Sajjad Nasrollahi Nasab

Casts: Hadi Hejazi Far,Hadi Aghdam, Zhila Shahi, Rouhollah Zamani

(Military Drama, social, Historical, biography ) 50 Min ( 7 Episode)