Series New Release


"Terror" series is a security series. This series is about the unsuccessful assassination of Sardar Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
‌Producer: Mojtaba Amini
Director: Kheyrollah Taghiani Pour
Writer: Arash Ghaderi


"Rahil" is a historical-mystery TV series that takes the audience back to the end of the Qajar era and the beginning of the Pahlavi era. The story revolves around a good-natured prince named Maha, who becomes enamored by the magic of his wife Beitaj. As the Qajar dynasty is on the brink of collapse, Maha finds himself caught in a web of conspiracies and must find a way to save himself and his inner self.
‌Producer: Ramin Abasi Zadeh
Director: Mas`ood Abparvar, Ramin Abasi Zadeh
Writer: Farhad Naghd Ali


The series "Ashura" is by "Hadi Hijazi Far" and it was previously broadcast as a movie called The Situation of Mehd. This mini-series shows the courage and bravery of the martyr "Hamid Bakeri" and the story of the life and martyrdom of "Mehdi Bakeri." It also depicts the bravery and fearlessness of the 31st Ashura corps and the silent efforts of the brave men in the Kheyber and Badr wars.
‌Producer: IRIB - Sima Film
Director: Hadi Hejazi Far
Writer: Hadi Hejazi Far, Ebrahim Amini, Fars Bagheri, Amin Behrouzi


The "Confidential" series is a story about the scientific progress of Iran's scientists in the field of medicine and the development of a coronavirus vaccine, which will remove the biased reaction of the enemy in order to prevent Iran from achieving this great success by causing disruption.
‌Producer: Ramin Moosavi Maleki
Director: Mahmoud Moaazami
Writer: Mahdi Hamza


The series "Motherland" is about a boy named "Rahi". After the bombardment of a village by the Allied forces, he was pulled out from under the rubble, and after a few days of care by his mother, he left for Tehran. Years later, he grows up in a mass family, but due to the occurrence of adventures, he is given to a court family. In this family, he gradually realizes his identity, which causes him to be entrusted to another family with religious beliefs. But this is not the end of his adventures and those around him.
‌Producer: Mohammad Masoud
Director: Kamal Tabrizi