Wing of Imagination


Ahmad Feyzi

Reza, a teenager from Qom city, should carry the colored silks from painting work shop to the people’s house who wave a carpet in different parts of the city by his bicycle… the painting workshop is supposed to be closed… the closure of work shop means leaving Reza without work and also the carpet wavers loss their jobs supplying their lives… the carpet wavers are involving their problems and Reza ...


Wing of Imagination

Original Title: Khiyal-e Naghsh

Cast & Crew:

Director: Ahmad Feyzi

Writer: Alireza Hoseini & Ali Mohammad  Sarjeh-Peyma


DoP: Hamid Mehrafrouz

Editor: Kaveh Imani

Sound: Alireza Alavian

Music: Behnoud Yakhchali


Cast: Mani Rahmani,Ghasem Zare, HOsein Toushe,Fatemeh Sarlak, Fatemeh Soleyman, Morteza Abolghasemi


Production: IRIB - Qom Center

Exec Producer: Ahmad Feyzi


Genre: Drama, Children

Length: 87 mins, 2017, HD