IRIB-IFilm Channel


Hamed Amraei

The story about Yasin, a teenager who has been spent all his childhood in Quranic assemblies and meetings and now he recites Quran a beautiful voice by heart. His father, Mahmoud, an expert engineer tries to recovery his bad relation with his wife and children. He is known as a greedy and hypocrite person. Yasin leaves the home in anger to his grandfather’s and Mahmoud travels to the north of country to make Yasin return home. During this travel, some events happened for him and these happenings made a turning point in his life.


Original Title: Yasin


Director: Hamed Amraei

DoP: Bahram Badakhshani

Editor: Hosein Zandbaf, Mehran Karami

Music: Sayed Mohammad Mirzamani

Sound: Amirhosein Ghasemi

Cast: Hamid Farokhnezhad, Parivash Nazariyeh, Reza Tavakoli, Jafar Karami

Producer: IRIB-IFilm Channel

Exec Producer: Mohsen Aliakbari

Genre: Drama, Family, Religious

Length: 90 min, 2015, HD