Puffer Fish


IRIB - Saba Center


Salma Afkari


Ramin Karami

In this series, we met five friends traveling together and fighting with problems made by giant fish and winning their own problems. The series' location is a small village into the sea called Fish Hill. The story is based on the five main characters and the events in each episode. They maintain their friendships in any situation and come together to resolve their problems. Any of them may make some mistakes, but they can finally remove them.


Introducing "Puffer Fish", an Iranian animated series that takes place entirely underwater. The show teaches children about the values of unity, cooperation, and social responsibility, while also addressing important topics like stress management, anger management, and positive thinking. The main character, Puffer Fish, is a highly intelligent leader who, along with his friends, solves problems caused by the negative character of the story, the Giant Fish. The show's content and structure were developed with the needs of children in mind, and a psychologist consultant was involved in the process. The new series features aesthetic and technical enhancements compared to the previous seasons, offering an engaging and educational viewing experience for children of all ages. With its focus on healthy lifestyles, life skills, and environmental awareness, "Puffer Fish" is a must-watch for parents looking for wholesome entertainment for their kids.

Mahi Badkonaki


Director: Salma Afkari

Writer: Ramin Karami

Animators: Aida Ebad, Sara Taghidoust, Yashar Eshragh, Mahmoud Yaghoubi,...

Editor: Mahdokht Rezakhani

Sound & Music: Milad Adl

Exec Producer: Babak Nazari

Production: IRIB - Saba Center

Genre: Animation, Children

Length: 13* 10 min, 2016, 3D