Mahmoud Shakeri


Mahmoud Shakeri


Mahmoud Shakeri

Hina is a girl who, along with several girls of the same age, harvest the leaves of the henna trees on her father's land. Hina likes the trees in the garden, but has to cut their top branches with a sickle every now and then. One day, while cutting the branches she cuts her finger and a drop of blood turns the leaves of the henna tree red. Her mother heals her wound by beating the leaves of the henna tree and putting the natural medicine on her finger as the henna leaf has curative properties.


This documentary tells the story of Hina, a young girl from a rural village who works with other girls of her age to harvest the leaves of the henna trees on her father's land. While cutting the branches one day, she accidentally cuts her finger and a drop of blood falls onto the leaves, turning them red. Her mother, who is aware of the curative properties of the henna leaf, beats the leaves and applies them to Hina's wound to heal it. The incident sparks a curiosity in Hina, who starts to learn more about the traditional medicinal uses of henna. The documentary explores the cultural and historical significance of henna, its use in traditional medicine, and its role in modern beauty practices. It also sheds light on the challenges faced by rural communities in preserving traditional knowledge and practices in the face of modernization.


Director:  Mahmoud Shakeri

written by: Mahmoud Shakeri

Director of Photography:Tooraj Ghaderi – Ebrahim Ghoreyshi

Editor : Somayeh Balochi

Sound: Amin Azdani

Production Manager: Khalij Fars Center

Producer: Mahmoud Shakeri

Shooting Format: HD

Sound: 5.1 / Ratio: English Sub.

color /    30min /  Iran// Documentry