A Hut in the Fog


Saeid Parvini


Hasan Lafayan


Ehsan Lotfian

The story of the series takes place in a village in Gilan around the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, already broken out in 1979. A wounded and unwell young revolutionary arrives in the village. A young girl called Mijan and her stepmother decide to hide the wounded young man in a hut that no one knows about. Later on, it turns out that the young man is a politically active person and Savak agents are looking for him. Consequently, at a certain point, the events revolve around the fugitive.

A Hut in the Fog



Set in a small village in Gilan around the outbreak of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, our story follows the lives of a young girl named Mijan and her stepmother. The village, like many others in Iran, is struggling to come to terms with the changes brought about by the revolution.

Into this volatile atmosphere comes a wounded and sick revolutionary, seeking shelter and medical attention. Mijan and her stepmother, who are known for their kindness and compassion, decide to take in the young man, hiding him in a secret hut that nobody knows about. As the young man recovers, it becomes clear that he is politically active and a target of the SAVAK agents, the secret police of the Shah's regime.

With the authorities closing in, Mijan and her stepmother find themselves drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse as they try to protect the fugitive from capture.

Original TitleA Hut in the Fog

Director : Hasan Lafayan 

Written by: Ehsan Lotfian

Director Of Photography: Farshad Khaleghi

Editor: Mehdi Hosseinivand

 sound recorder:Arash boroumand

sound mixer: Mahdi Jamshidian

Make up: Kamran Khalaj

Composer: Behnam Karimi

Producer: Saeid Parvini

Cast : Sam gharibiyan / Rozita Ghafari/ Khashayar Rad

Genre: Drama/ 34*45/Full HD , 2022