Coast Dwellers


Hasan Dehghan


Hasan Dehghan


Hasan Dehghan

This documentary deals with the role and place of music in the culture of Iranian people and its influence on their lives. The film also tries to explore the impact music has had on the creation of national unity.


“Coast Dwellers” is a documentary that delves into the fascinating role that music plays in Iranian culture. By exploring the diverse musical landscape of the country, the film sheds light on how music has shaped the lives of Iranian people and how it has contributed to the creation of national unity. The documentary takes a closer look at the unique rhythms, melodies, and instruments that are associated with Iranian music, and how they have evolved over time. Through interviews with local musicians and music enthusiasts, viewers gain an understanding of the deep connections between music and Iranian culture. Additionally, the film explores how music has been used as a tool for social and cultural expression throughout history. “Coast Dwellers” offers a captivating and insightful glimpse into the rich musical heritage of Iran, and how it continues to shape the country's identity today.

 Coast Dwellers

Director: Hasan Dehghan

Written by: Hasan Dehghan

Director of Photography: Hasan Dehghan

Editor : Jalal Habib Mehr

Sound recorder: Shahin Moosavi

Producer: Hasan Dehghan