Without him


Saied Nabi


Saied Nabi, Maryam khadivi Brojeni


Maryam Khadivi Broujeni


Uncle Karim and his 50 years old wife, miss Sabzi have a forest life in Lask forest fields, Sheft town, Gilan province. They have a paper of their forefather since 100 years ago for occupation of lands inside forest. They live with ranch. Karim goes deep in the forest to feed 500 sheep every day. He prunes dry branches and move trees for lighten them of a special dry product for feeding livestock. Miss sabzi likewise take care of daily house affairs, bakes bread, works in tea fields, takes care of cattle and poultry.  Bedoun-e ou

:cast & crew

Directors: Saied Nabi, Maryam khadivi Brojeni

Screen player: Maryam Khadivi Broujeni

Cameraman: Masood Masjedi

Editor: Mahmod yar Mahmodlo

Composer: Behroz shahamat

Sound Technician: Habibolah mohamadi

Sound designer and Mixer: Behroz Shahamat

Sound recorder: habib allah mohamadi

Sound mixer: Behroz shahamat

Make up designer: Zeinab Mogise

Production Manager: Seyed mehdi Hoseini

Producer: Saied Nabi

Production Company: IRIB 1

Shooting format : full hd

Sound format : sterio

Ratio: 16/9


Color - Film Duration: 31: 44 – 2022 - Iran