Fisherman’s Nowruz


Saeid Mandegari


Farshid Iranparast

The Fishermanit’s Nowruz is one of the beautiful and useful traditions practised by the people of Qeshm Island which is close to passing into oblivion. It has its roots in the ancient history of Persia. The tradition which is actually a way of calculating the periods of time like days and months, is peculiar to Iranians and even now, experienced old sailors are fully familiar with this nautical calendar.


Fisherman's Nowruz is a precious tradition practiced by the people of Qeshm Island and is close to fading away. This ancient tradition has its roots in Persia's history and is a method of calculating periods of time such as days and months, specific to Iranians. Experienced old sailors, who are fully familiar with this nautical calendar, continue to keep the tradition alive. The documentary Fisherman's Nowruz aims to highlight the significance of this tradition and its impact on the lives of the people of Qeshm Island. It explores the historical and cultural significance of this tradition and the challenges faced in preserving it. Viewers will be introduced to the people who still practice this tradition and will learn about their way of life and the importance of their customs and beliefs. The documentary aims to bring attention to the beauty and usefulness of this tradition, which is an essential part of Iranian culture.

Fisherman’s Nowruz

Director:  Farshid Iranparast

Director of Photography: Saeid Mandegari

Editor: Farshid Iranparast

Sound recorder: Hamed Dehghani

Sound Mixer: Farshid Iranparast

Production Manager: KhalijFars Center

Producer:  Saeid Mandegari

Ethnic, Traditions, Sea

30 mins

Full HD, Color, 2023