Felt Art


Naser NaserPour


Naser NaserPour

A narrative of the history of felt and felt art in Borujerd city


 The documentary " Felt Art" takes us on a journey to Borujerd city in Lorestan province, where we discover the captivating story of Namd (Felt) and Namdmali (Felt Art). Through the lens of this story, we uncover the beauty and intricacy of weaving, one of the most abandoned arts in handicrafts. We get to see firsthand how felt, with its vibrant colors and designs, is an integral part of Iranian folk art culture. From abstract shapes to symbolic colors taken from nature, Iranian felts tell stories of mystery, love, and life. This rich culture is full of beauty and depth that is both captivating and inspiring. Join us on this journey as we unravel the secrets of Iranian felts and discover the hidden treasures of this wonderful art form.

Director: Naser NaserPour

Cultural Heritage, Handicraft

30 mins

Full HD, Color, 2023