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Prophet Joseph

The “Prophet Joseph” series tells the life of "Hazrat Yusuf (PBUH)" from childhood to adulthood. When he was a child, Prophet Yusuf's brothers threw him into a well. When a caravan was going to drink water from this well to rest, they found him and took him with them to Egypt, and his story begins here.
‌Producer: IRIB - Channel 1
Director: Farajollah Salahshoor


The series "Motherland" is about a boy named "Rahi". After the bombardment of a village by the Allied forces, he was pulled out from under the rubble, and after a few days of care by his mother, he left for Tehran. Years later, he grows up in a mass family, but due to the occurrence of adventures, he is given to a court family. In this family, he gradually realizes his identity, which causes him to be entrusted to another family with religious beliefs. But this is not the end of his adventures and those around him.
‌Producer: Mohammad Masoud
Director: Kamal Tabrizi

The Star of Zagros

Bibi Maryam is the daughter of Hossein-Qoli Khan Bakhtiari, one of the most well-known khans of the Bakhtiari tribe. After separating from her husband, a libertine, she takes charge of her husband's property and assets and tries to compensate for the oppression the poor and helpless have suffered for many years.
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Parviz Sheikh Taadi

The Canvas and Lady

The story of this series is narrated in the first Pahlavi period and is a moment of the intersection of love, politics and religion. He is dragged and goes to the brink of destruction in the shadow of the malice and deception of the malevolent, but at the last moment, he rises from the ashes like a phoenix.
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Saeid Soltani

Kamal's Stories

This series is about a boy named Kamal whose memories are narrated in the 40's. This series is supposed to teach moral messages such as a sense of responsibility to children and adolescents.
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Ghodrat Allah Solh Mirzaei
Writer: Azadeh Mohseni, Karim Jhodsiani, Nasim Arab Amiri, Seyed Hossein Amir Jahani