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A Hut in the Fog

The story of the series takes place in a village in Gilan around the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, already broken out in 1979. A wounded and unwell young revolutionary arrives in the village. A young girl called Mijan and her stepmother decide to hide the wounded young man in a hut that no one knows about. Later on, it turns out that the young man is a politically active person and Savak agents are looking for him. Consequently, at a certain point, the events revolve around the fugitive.
‌Producer: Saeid Parvini
Director: Hasan Lafayan
Writer: Ehsan Lotfian

Fire and Wind

Bahador, the head of the Poussan tribe had been in a long-standing rivalry and conflict with the head of the neighboring Sorkhu tribe. While the two tribes has been at peace for a certain time, Sorkhu confidently asks Bahador for his young and beautiful daughter's hand in marriage whose name is Jahan Passand, unaware that Jahan Passand is going to marry her cousin some time later. Bahador strongly opposes their marriage. Old wounds are reopened. The people of each tribe support their respective governor. Their hostility is aggravated and Bahador takes a tough and drastic action. The events of the series take place before the Persian Constitutional Revolution.
‌Producer: Hasan Najariyan
Director: Mojtaba Raei
Writer: Mansour Barahimi /Abdolrasoul Golbon

Safe House

This series tells the story of two security agents, one of whom is in charge of an anti-terrorist team and the other heads an anti-corruption and money laundering team. Kamal is informed that ISIS rebel group militants are going to launch operations in Iran. Kamal and his team use the information received from abroad to identify one of the ISIS militants so that through him they can identify his contact in Tehran. Gradually, in the process of carrying out this task, two complicated terrorist and economic cases are tied together. In the last episode of the first season, Afshin goes on a mission to Tel Aviv.the first season, Afshin goes on a mission to Tel Aviv.
‌Producer: Abolfazl Safari
Director: Ahmed Moazzami
Writer: Hossein Torabnejad


Massoud (Rouzbeh Hessari) is a conservation officer who seems unhappy in his married life with his wife Mahtab Foruzesh (Mina Vahid). Having married his cousin at the insistence of his father, Haj Mahmoud (Mehdi Soltani), he is always in conflict with her and therefore has decided to get a divorce. In a situation where Massoud and Mahtab [who is a doctor] seem to be able to reach an understanding in the struggle with life's problems, something happens that affects their lives more than before. Massoud shoots illegal hunters while performing his duties in the heart of the forest, as a result of which he injures one of the hunters. The wounded hunter and Massoud are both transferred to the hospital where Mahtab works. The poacher needs surgery and Mahtab is one of the surgeons present in the operating room. This event causes a train of big problems for the Forouzeh family.
‌Producer: : Majid Molaei /Mohammad kambiz Darabi
Director: Behrang Toufighi
Writer: Farzad Farzaneh /Amirhossein Najafpour


The story of 'Najla' series takes place in 1980. In a chaotic and insecure post-war situation, a girl makes a promise to a boy in love with her that if he helps her cross the Iran-Iraq border and reach the Arba'een pilgrimage gathering, she will accept his proposal. Nevertheless, a set of unexpected events takes place on the journey that affects their arrangement.
‌Producer: Saeid Saadi
Director: Kheyrollah Taghiyanipoor
Writer: Hossein Amirjahani /Mahdi Hamzeh /Hadi Ghorbani


The series "Ashura" is by "Hadi Hijazi Far" and it was previously broadcast as a movie called The Situation of Mehd. This mini-series shows the courage and bravery of the martyr "Hamid Bakeri" and the story of the life and martyrdom of "Mehdi Bakeri." It also depicts the bravery and fearlessness of the 31st Ashura corps and the silent efforts of the brave men in the Kheyber and Badr wars.
‌Producer: IRIB - Sima Film
Director: Hadi Hejazi Far
Writer: Hadi Hejazi Far, Ebrahim Amini, Fars Bagheri, Amin Behrouzi

Yellow Tape

Omidi is an outstanding senior officer who closely works with numerous criminal cases and Internet frauds. Meanwhile he deals with a case discovering the reality of his personal life…
‌Producer: IRIB - Channel 2
Director: Pouriya Azarbayjani
Writer: Karim Lakzadeh


The "Mokhtar" series follows the life of Mokhtar Saghafi, a companion of Imam Ali, who is known for leading an uprising against the Umayyad dynasty after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain and his companions in Karbala. The series portrays the political and social situation of Islam during the time of Imam Ali's rule until the reign of Imam Sajjad (PBUT).
‌Producer: IRIB
Director: Davoud Mir-Bagheri
Writer: Davoud Mir-Bagheri

Zero Degree Orbit

The series "Zero Degree Orbit" is the story of a young man named "Habib Parsa" who goes to France to continue his studies in the field of philosophy during World War II. At the university, he collaborates with a Jewish girl in a research project, which changes the life story of these two young people.
‌Producer: Hasan Beshkoofeh
Director: Hasan Fathi
Writer: Hasan Fathi

Men of Anjolos

It’s the first years of Christianity appearance, imperial of Hadrian to Eastern Rome (Byzantine Empire) and sovereignty of Diocletian to Philadelphia. Tendency to the Christianity among some of the emperor’s commanders, which is no more hidden to the public, makes the city’s governors to punishing them. Taking refuge in a cave out of the city and sleeping, to the Commandment of God, for three hundred years in the cave created a story known as “Men of Anjolos”.
‌Producer: IRIB Channel 2
Director: Farajollah Salahshour
Writer: Mohammad-Sa’eed BahmanPour