IRIB Media Trade presents “Standhng with the Wolf” in SUNCINE

The documentary "Standing with the Wolf" co-directed by Saeed Nabi and Maryam Khedevi Borojni, from the "Tanahi" documentary series, produced by IRIB’s Channel One, will be present at the 30th SUNCINE Spanish environmental film festival.

Jalali is a Park Ranger   who has been hit by more than 90 lead bullets. He, who is loyal to the country's environment, has come to the conclusion that he should teach in schools and that education is a practical weapon to preserve the environment.

 Despite all the setbacks, he continues to fight the hunters and hope for better days without knowing the outcome of these conflicts.

Standing with the Wolf

Istade Ba Gorg

Director:  Saeed Nabi / Maryam Khadivi

Screenplay: Maryam Khadivi

Director of Photography:  Mehran Fardpour

 Editor: Arash Zahedi Asl

 Composer: Behrooz Shahamat

 Sound recorder: Habibollah Mohammadi

Sound Mixer:  Habibollah Mohammadi

production Manager: IRIB,Channel 1

Producer:  Saeed Nabi

FULL HD/5.1 / color /  Iran/ 2022/34 min