"The Situation of Mehdi" journey to the land of the samurai

"The Situation of Mehdi," directed by Hadi Hejazi Far and produced by Sima Film Center, is present at the 18th edition of the Kanazawa Film Festival.

This festival, held from September 4 to 8, is an annual event held in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan.
This festival is more famous for showing emerging filmmakers and their works.
IRIB Media Trade represents this movie, which has been shown at the film festivals of INTERNATIONAL POLICE AWARD ARTS FESTIVAL (in 2023) and Jagran India (in 2023) and publicly screened in Lebanon.
"The Situation of Mehdi" tells the life of martyr Mehdi Bakeri and his relationship with his family, his presence in the holy defense fronts with his brother, martyr Hamid Bakeri, the commander of the Ashura Corps in the holy defense, and his martyrdom in an artistic way.